Tincture Journal is seeking short scripts of plays or screenplays that stand on their own as text. We think this is something that literary journals should do more of, but it can be difficult to find scripts that also make for pleasurable reading.

Your script must be engaging as pure text and we recommend no more than 20 pages. Shorter tends to work better in this category. Please use a formatting that is relevant for your script, but keep in mind that we will not use standard screenplay formatting in the ebook and are allergic to fixed width fonts (such as Courier).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, just let us know, and withdraw immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere (with our congratulations!)

All submissions should be in Word or Open Office formats and include a short bio for publication.

Published writers will be paid, please refer to our general guidelines and the website for more detail.

Please consider purchasing a prior issue of the journal to support your fellow writers and get a feeling for what we have published previously: http://tincture-journal.com/buy-a-tincture/. Journal sales are our only source of funding.

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