Tincture Journal is seeking creative non-fiction on any topic for Issue Nineteen (September 2017). Please note that we are only seeking non-fiction written in a narrative style, using literary techniques, rather than straightforward articles or essays.

Your piece can be anything in the range of 100 to 20,000 words, but anything over 10,000 needs to work hard to justify its length, particularly for the creative non-fiction category. Non-fiction can take any form you like. Be creative and send anything that might interest us and our readers. You can also use this submission category to submit non-fiction pitches, or email those directly to editor@tincture-journal.com (pitch only, no attachments).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, just let us know.

All submissions should be in Word or Open Office formats, 12 point font, 1.5 or double spaced. No fixed width fonts (eg: Courier). Please provide a bio for publication.

Published writers will be paid.

Please consider purchasing at least one previous issue to support your fellow writers and get a feeling for what we have published previously: http://tincture-journal.com/buy-a-tincture/. Submissions from our readers are given extra special attention :)

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